Chhattisgarhi Satire – Tongue Strips

bBarilal h lalbuzhkkad l kihis- These tongues (Jiva) had been equal to the khasal-stripes of the phrase. Within the Khasal-Patti, climb up the steps and climb the steps and go to the Khalhe Dahar Khasalth. Khaslaiya l’uppar chadech bar parathe. It is going to be a standard factor for the nation’s Rajdularva-Rajdulaurin chief/chief to utter phrases on the tongue of the thoughts. Cry in a single eye, chuckle in a single eye. Is Nandawat Jawat to talk with respect and respect by preserving restraint on Bani (speech)? The extent of the phrases fall and fall. Oh what number of falls?

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Aan-taan-ammath-bichchal converse!
Lalbujhakkad Kihis- Lies-truth, ekmai kar urrai kas, tendvay kas, ammath-bichhal, mircha-spice, minjra, and speaking loudly will probably be phrases of a giant coronary heart. Netaji will be taught to churn his thoughts. Bani tay kabhu went to his personal khasal. Agdam-Bagdam Bol is roofed within the media. Within the mud of lies, the mind will get darkish inside. One chief’s political reversal (upside-down) and the opposite chief would take a fast sip of his thoughts and begin taking part in his chikara. Squint on the corners, nostril corners and lower them. Jhar Kanvech-Kawan Tai. They used to get full wage once they used to prepare a convention in the home. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What sort of jhan baksh karech ke pay paathe. There have been a whole lot of echoes of Dhenchu-Dhenchu? Ghere bol la media ghalio gheri-beri was raised. Inkar bang dey le fajar (morning) hote. Democracy is grateful to my thoughts.

Neither measure nor weigh: unhealthy phrases

Khabrilal Kihis- Brother, the phrases unfold freely within the tongue of the chief’s thoughts. Once you had been adamant, seeing the chance, the obstinate phrases, Netaji would push the thoughts. The letters had been indestructible. The letters do not break down. It sparkled within the nation’s head. Take letters to kind phrases. Mankhe’s phrases had been slapped along with his tongue with nice carelessness. Inform me, hey! Do you worry the phrases of the boys? When the phrases had been unhealthy, then the which means (which means) bought spoiled. There was a ruckus. Sooner or later the home was on its head. This cycle was happening easily. The principle situation was misplaced within the assault.

converse love
Lalbujhakkad kihis-aam Mankhe’s mouth was stuffed with love. Once you say that you have to be punched. The phrases didn’t break. Agdam-badam phrases had been afraid. Considering and swaying in the wrong way. Netaji Manat was agitated by Sahara Pa’s gesture on the behest of his grasp. Je Than Dafli, Te Than Raag Hothe. Once you take your mouth off your toes, you’ll burst into tears. Buckwheat thorn is true within the phrase nari. Kabhu-kabhu hanging tight-gutted folks. Manakhe bought caught and wandered. Kabhu took the khasal-bandage of the tongue and uttered incorrect phrases of his personal. The phrases from the tongue of Kaatko Jhan worsened the relation of Aise Khasalthe. Once you say unhealthy phrases, you appear to be aiming and however you might be preparing. The phrase surgical procedure was combined. The phrases exploded silently. Mouni Baba used to just accept all of the gunech-gunas of the thoughts. When large minds used to make use of phrases, then their tongues had been blown.

Chinchaon for 4 days
Khabrilal Kihis-Netaji The behavior of intentionally pushing the phrase with the tongue of the thoughts is widespread. Netaji’s mind-blowing tongue turns into a standard factor. For 4 days, there would have been a whole lot of repeatedly different topics would come. ‘Khel Kheladi Ke, Paisa au Josh Madari’ was there . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . which. Sport over, Paisa digest. Leaders thoughts one another’s tongues. Later I’d all be brothers. Magic over. Seeing the general public assembly, let the times go by and overlook all. Leaders are themselves with their minds, they’re respiratory themselves. Watching the sport, chief Dooriha (visionary) le kalachup Mussur-Musur combating. Youthful leaders got here to life within the blink of a watch. These previous males had been laying these dungeons.

technology after technology
Lalbujhakkad kihis-kehe gaye, ‘Batan elephant paaye, batan elephant paon’. Elephants can get candy for bani, elephants can trample on their very own bounties in the event that they wish to bani. After drowning within the water like fish, the Sikhs will probably be born. The youngsters of the chief ought to turn out to be their very own leaders by watching and listening to the colours of their maternal grandparents. We must always rule the nation’s politics from technology to technology and at all times comply with the tactic of having fun with happiness. With out Zen Techni, Stairs or Pandoli, he may get a chair, he was the dynastic king of democracy, Manal Kanta. Okhar bani scandal feeding thke kas biapathe. Bol ha pol khole kas janathe. The closed eyes of the general public are actually open. Now converse candy hoy ke sittha, karu hoy or garu, inverted hoy or straight, tdga-bedga hoy ke sojh arrow ke kar karne karne karte or sword chale, the general public begin asking questions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ” Now the questions got here out. Lies had been torn aside. The veils of lies had been blown within the wind. (Disclaimer: That is the non-public satirical work of the creator, for which the creator himself is accountable. News18Hindi will not be accountable in any approach for this)

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